Make your own origami Darth Vader in just 5 minutes! All you need is a square piece of paper, and Force is not even required. This Darth Vader origami model is very simple and easy. It is in the same style than the 5 minute Origami Yoda I designed before ( ).

This Darth Vader origami model is perfect for all the persons who love Star Wars, geeks, kids, origami beginners. Make one for you and more for your friends! There’s no lightsaber included, but you can easily make a paper one.

It’s not as detailed as Tadashi Mori’s famous Darth Vader model, but it is much easier and much quicker to fold. You can find instructions and video that show how to fold the Darth Vader model from Tadashi Mori on his YouTube channel: but you need at least 45 minutes and you need to be a very experimented folder. I haven’t dared to fold it yet myself. 🙂

Paper size used in the video: 15 x 15 cm.

Original origami model by Stéphane Gigandet.

Step-by-step instructions and photos to fold Darth Vader:

Note: this Darth Vader is an original origami model, please do not publish diagrams or videos that show how to fold it. Instead point to this video, thank you!

You can turn on CC / subtitles to get instructions in your language (currently English, French). Please let me know if you can help to translate the subtitles to your language or to improve the translation. Thank you!

Darth Vader is called Dark Vador in French and Dart Fener in Italian. What’s his name in your language?

What do you think of this origami Darth Vader? If you followed the instructions or the video to make this paper Darth Vader, could you please send me pictures of it on my Facebook page , or on Twitter ? (hashtag #origamiplus)
I would like to create a gallery of Darth Vaders! 🙂

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May the Force be with you! (and May the Fold be with you too!) 🙂



  1. these steps were way too confusing

  2. I like it:) It is a Spittin' likeness of Me. Who would have thunk…
    The Cape And Sword is blown My cover again…
    Epic hero Jedi Lord n Vader

  3. hi I really like this model but can you make a more detailed version of darth Vader

  4. Make a lightsaber, there you go you have Darth Vader!

  5. It's epic, I created one of these but it was Princess Leia.

  6. I will try it but I need black paper🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. it's not 5 mins. it's 6 mins. 🙁

  8. Whats cool is:

    With the Origami Stormtrooper, you can decorate it into 501st Legion, Death Trooper, Imperial Pilot, Shock trooper, etc.

    Maybe make a Origami Person so I can make Grand Moff and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

  9. This is LITERALLY impossible

    I tried to do this ALL day and it came up as a crumbled up piece of paper

  10. My worked really well i have the common white on the back but my model worked well tysm

  11. I hate how he doesn't tell you to use double sided paper

  12. esta cálida pero me quedo orible

  13. I am the inventor of this origami

  14. Hi Everyone! I created a new cool Yoda origami model, check it out:

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