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Quilling Fringed Flower #1 Dandelion

In this video, I’ll be showing how to fringe a flower for quilling by hand. They form beautiful dandelions, dahlias, pom poms, or fireworks.

For those who have an electric cutting machine, such as a Cricut Explore or Silhouette Cameo (with appropriate software), I am offering free SVG files on my blog here:


Amazon Affiliate Links:

Brand: Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Amazon Affiliate Link: http://amzn.to/2i9qA9u

Fine Tip Glue Bottle:

Brand: Canson, Mi-Tientes
Weight: 98 lb / 160 gsm (heftier than standard quilling paper)
Width: 1/4″ (I cut them myself)
Sheet Size: 8½ × 11” or 19 × 25” from fine art stores
Amazon Affiliate Link: http://amzn.to/2zpVAg2

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Music: Blue Skies by Silent Partner from YouTube Audio Library



  1. I was missing your videos. Thanks for sharing your knowing .I always learn with you !!

  2. Very detailed video made better yet with tips. Thanks.

  3. Hello, friend , as always enjoyed this video and especially appreciated the burnishing tip. Have made many of this type of flowers to enhance other regular quilled cards but like this new affect as well as the new to me idea of the base . Normally I create a a quilled circle base to set my flower in so this will be very helpful. Also bought the paper version of your quilling book as a way to thank you for your generosity in making these great videos for us. Keep up the good work!M💃🏻

  4. Softening of the petals is brilliant.. As I always say, you give attention to the details which I would have never thought of . Love your videos Cecelia 😍

  5. Dear Cecelia, these are really cute and so easy to make, I have a die that cuts the strip that way, I found them in Amazons for almost nothing and it has 3 dies 2 for flowers and 1 for leaves, yes definitely I'm a Hybrid, hope you are doing alright love always your friend Mirna

  6. I'm a hybrid too. I also make hanging tassels on my electronic cutter this way. Much easier than cutting the frill by scissors. Love the dandelion.

  7. Ten years ago I attempted to make quilled flowers stuck on a canvas. Videos were rare but I trudged on until the day the flowers started to fall off from the humidity of the bathroom where it was hung. It was retired to my laundry room along with other art work where there is much less humidity!! Your flowers are amazing and now I am ready to give it another go. Although subscribed, I hadn't received any of your videos until today and so happy I did. I look forward to doing new projects and my quilling instrument has always been nearby in my pot. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and now I will probably do a marathon of your videos. I'd give you a thousand thumbs up but alas I can't!!! Thanks

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