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A viewer asks “Is there any way to interlock the origami boomerangs?” Well, there might be, but you should watch the video to find out if it’s a good idea.

Explains a simple way to “interlock” the Origami boomerangs together. Here is the video for How to Make an Origami Boomerang:

Can I join two Super Boomerangs together to get an 8 pointed Ultra Mega Super Boomerang??
Answer: You can join two Super Boomerangs together to get an 8 pointed boomerang, but it doesn’t fly as well in my opinion. It gets a little too heavy and will bend much more easily– but try it out if you want. I would use tape because you can take it off easily if you don’t like it 🙂

Can I use something other than tape, like glue, staples, etc.?
Answer: Yes, any adhesive would really work. I have found that tape works very well (if not the best) because it creates a nice seal at the areas where you are joining them. Glue would work nicely as well, however you just wouldn’t be able to take the boomerangs apart again without ripping them. Staples can work as well.

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  3. How to make the first two side boomerang

  4. Can we use glue instead of tape

  5. Hey rob can you make a triple boomerang

  6. I don't like this at ALL. That is not Origami at ALL!

  7. Can you make a super boomerang 2 and mix them like taping them in a + and x

  8. if you can. pleas make more origami videos like origami gun or origami epic plane pleas make origami anything

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