In this video you will learn how to make Origami Indian cap also called Gandhi cap. It’s a new design of Gandhi cap and it looks more realistic.

Material: Origami paper (20cm×26cm), 40cm×52cm paper for wearing on head

Designed by Raman Dhillon

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  1. Pinche video todo idiota no habla y no se explica

  2. Thank you so much.I tried many videos but this video worked

  3. What are you doing I don't understanding

  4. I like it 👍pls give me like🙏🙏🙏

  5. Inko ganta sepu jei chustantamu lekunte intha slow na mareee

  6. abe saale kitna slow kar raha hai polio ho gaya hai kya

  7. Good because aagar aap jaldi jaldi banaoge to kisiko samjh nahi aayega isliye keep it up

  8. Graet.very usful.thnk u.What r u doing at 1.44.using any gum?

  9. NICE.. Just awesome..😀😀😀 It helped me a lot. Don't pay attention to what others r saying in the comments…. Keep it up.😄😄

  10. Esto es una farsa pudranse los que le pusieron like a este video

  11. The dimensions are very smalll….

    So small cap…

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