Creator of this beautiful design of paper craft is Alex, check his channel
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Hello, today I’ll show you how to make a bird from the “Angry Birds” – Chuck.
We will need:
280 – yellow modules
20 – white modules
38 – Orange modules
50 – black modules
Eyes from paper and glue

Enjoy your watching!



  1. Very Good!Friend! I gave you 1 LIKE ! Waiting for your next video 1 14 !

  2. Классное видео!!!Смотрели с удовольствием!!! От нас лайк и подписка,надеемся на взаимность.)))))

  3. Nice idea , when I tried to learn how to origami I failed tragically.

  4. Молодцы! Замечательное видео! Лайк! Ждём в гости на новое видео.

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