People always talk about wishing money grew on trees… How about turning money into roses?
This makes a beautiful and unique gift! Make sure to let them know they’re allowed to take them apart and use them!
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  1. You caused a lot of confusion in this video, because at 1:50 instead showing us you did "both sides" you just told us to. I had to watch this too many times!!! But I got it. Thanks for trying !

  2. pretty cool now I'm going to make some for the ladies

  3. wow me encanta esa cancion kinki !!! me he vuelto tu fan!!! saludos.

  4. This reminds me of a skill I've forgotten: How to make (1) a ring, or (2) a bowtie from USA currency. Wouldn't you know….YT videos are available.

  5. the best money rose tutorial I've seen thus far – and I've watched alot of them . Im definitely going to do this for my sister's grad along with a money lei

  6. too fast and at 1:36 after "the edges of the bill", it is flipped over and no instruction:(

  7. The video went tooo fast and got lost… next time go slow step by step

  8. U suck at tutorials to slower and be mor clear

  9. Can someone tell me what happened at 1:52? What did she do?

  10. Thank you finally a video with commentary. would be cool if the stem was dollar bills aswell.

  11. confusing tutorial.. I am now broke

  12. You move in talk to fast i couldn't even do it

  13. YOU ,really shouldn't get on
    and skip parts in making this
    rose ,,,,,
    If you didn't want to share how
    to make it,,,, you should have
    KEPT in your family…..
    kept in your family,….
    Two thumbs down…

  14. At 1:50 there was a lot of confusion because you didn’t show us “both sides” you just told us to. So I really didn’t get it what you were talking about..?

  15. Im a crafter and can follow instructions but so glad I wasn't the only one that could not follow. Not clear on the folding both side!

  16. Wow these are beautiful thanks

  17. in my country like money don't have any value , make it all type of origami, flowers, rings,wallets, it so crazy holly, en mi país como el dinero no vale , hacen todo tipo de origami, flores , anillos, bolsas, es muy loco,disculpa mi redaccion en ingles estoy intentando aprenderlo y estoy creando oraciones ,trato de pensar en ingles, escuchar musica y ver programas en ingles, para ir avanzando, igualmente gracias Holly por ayudarme , te encontre en youtube de casualidad y ahora soy tu super fan,hasta le hablo a mi bebe de tres años para que se familiarize desde chiquito y así practico mi pronunciación , Thank holly , youŕe amazing, it so hard speak in two languages

  18. How can I do this with wedding photos on paper ?

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