Designed for primary aged students. Three dimensional shapes are everywhere we look! See some of the basic 3D shapes comes to life in this Miniclip, complete with clear animations to show the faces, edges and corners of each shape. Students will soon have an understanding of the various 3D shapes that they might encounter, and the features that make each of them unique!

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  2. It's not called CORNERS they are called VERTICES DUMMY!

  3. It is a good video. Thanks for it

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  6. very simple and easy to understand

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  8. Really a good video!!!
    Please try posting more videos on the other topics also like Fractions, measurements….

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  10. This video helps my child know shapes for the math axams

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  12. Plz can you send me these slides without voice I want prepare my ppt for school

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  14. Vertices mean corners and vertex means 1 corner he’s not a dummy

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  20. Different between cuboid and rectangular prism

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