Twenty five years ago, physicist Robert Lang worked at NASA, where he researched lasers. He has also garnered 46 patents on optoelectronics and even wrote a Ph.D. thesis called “Semiconductor Lasers: New Geometries and Spectral Properties.” But in 2001, Lang left his job in order to pursue a passion he’s had since childhood: origami. In the origami world, Lang is now a legend, and it’s not just his eye-catching, intricate designs that have taken the craft by storm. Some of his work has helped pioneer new ways of applying origami principles to complex real-world engineering problems.



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  1. So that's what all our tax money is funding….

  2. He left nasa to fold paper how cool👌😂

  3. i wanna be his grandson so bad.

  4. Nasa bullshit and expensive. No, NASA expensive bullshit.

  5. Don't quit you day job…… Oh, wait…

  6. I can imagine this guy on HGTV buying a $850,000 house and under his occupation saying he creates origami.

  7. Is he Bossun from sket dance???

  8. Master of the folds? Why am I programed to think of vaginas?

  9. Make him fold some Benjamins…see what comes out.😁

  10. I bet he doesn’t know how to make a paper airplane

  11. This person folded a paper more than 7 times.


  12. I remenber one time i made a spaceship in class just with paper pieces. I still have it . because waa a great folding job. The funny thing was the proffesor told me " what is that?" i was like " a spaceship" and he told me " i said you do a tool, like a hammer or a drill" my parnerts zero creative made some crappy stuff. But they followed the instructions. So they got 10s and 9s. And i got a 6. That was one o the most dissapointing days of my life. Fuck schoom system and frustrated teachers!!!

  13. He’s left handed and this well what a god

  14. I still can’t make a paper plane

  15. wait… he do origami from the japanese … and he now is called the master!?… which part of physics did that came from!?

  16. Two talent into one masterpiece😍

  17. so is robert lang the father of scott lang a.k.a antman?

  18. Anyone know what kind of paper he was using? It was giant and thick, unlike regular origami paper that is very fragile and small

  19. I bet he make hundreds folds more money than you.

  20. I’m pretty sure this MF is making 200k a year folding paper or money lol

  21. When I tried to make an aeroplane l get a eroplane

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