Another version of head for my origami T-Rex
Learn how to fold the T-Rex first:

Paper: 20cm x 20cm Green Tissue-foil
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Music: Moon Lounge Omicron Prime
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. Hi Jo can I buy this paper anywhere else :/

  2. wow! the model is awesome!!!!! one more thing …can you design a dinosaur raptor or spinosaurus??cause i don't have the model yet ..can you make it please…………

  3. How can you do design this models???

  4. In my opinion, the 3D head vastly improves to look of this model.

  5. Hey guys! Check out my origami channel! It has some great beginner tutorials and it would be awesome if you could support me. Thanks!

  6. can you make the nazgul 8.1 jason ku in the next video plz

  7. you should teach Ray Horacek's Lord Vader

  8. good, but you should make a dilophosaurus next time

  9. I came to see my chain as practical origami

  10. u are a genius i love and donne, my way, all your creations

  11. good i like tutorial origami friend…

  12. Acabei de fazer esse t-rex muito legal mesmo! E também já fiz a cabeça 3D

  13. Lol the horse riding on the T-Rex at the end XD

  14. I cant do because It had to many folds on the front part of the beak

  15. This is amazing. I'm going to try it for my daughter's birthday cake 🙂

  16. Horse is riding a T-Rex ( Its Weird )

  17. Hi can u plz make a small iron man action figure using ur origami skills

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