Follow along to learn how to draw this cute Guinea Pig step by step, easy. Kawaii animal drawing tutorial lesson.
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  1. this is not even close to easy and i can draw a full detailed face

  2. Love the how to’s. Have you thought about a chinchilla and bearded dragon ?

  3. I have 2 this at China😘😘

  4. I am drawing this at almost 12:00 am because my brothers birthday is on July 4th (Tomorrow!) And I did not make a card until now. Hehehe, Thanks for helping me draw.

  5. i love this cuz i have two of em and in the past some have died and one of the ones that passed away looked like this and her name was cookie

  6. can u also draw the Beatles? (the band)

  7. My guinea pig passed away today so I'm doing this R.I.P Cooper the guinea pig

  8. can you draw an cute laddybird
    hi by

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