[Rather Simple] How to fold an origami 3D Pacman. For the Pacman Ghost click here: https://youtu.be/z_D1JSjllFo This Pacman opens and closes its mouth when you pull on the sides. This action origami pac-man 3D even makes noise as you operate it. In this tutorial I also show how to give it eyes by using just folding, but for a simple easy origami model, you can just stop at 7:23 and draw the eyes on.

The origami Pacman ghost I feature in the video I will show you how to fold next week. Meanwhile, I have taught a different origami ghost goblin here: https://youtu.be/EcJXdFOrvhs
and a Ghost Racer here: https://youtu.be/1BZDg18HtIA

Pacman was my favorite arcade game as a kid, but before this month I hadn’t played it in years. So part of making this model and video was to do hours and hours of field research…. which involved playing Pacman until I could hardly keep my eyes open, and then when I finally would close my eyes it felt like I was still playing the game! So, that’s what the intro was all about. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever had a video game playing experience like that and, if so, what was the game? Have you ever dreamt that you were playing the game in real life?

This model was designed by me — Jeremy Shafer – and took many tries before I was happy with it. In fact I designed a more complex Pacman model and even completely made the video for it, but then I discovered this easier model that works way better so I had to start all over and re-film the tutorial. What really inspired me to try to design this oragami pacman was the recent Pac-Man in Real Life viral video animations that have been taking the internet by storm.



  1. May i suggest folding your pinnacle logo circa 1997

  2. Try to design Spongebob Square pants puppet that is 3D, And try to make squidward and patrick?

  3. This is so cool you are the best origami designer ever I wish my channel was more popular but my camera is a potato love your channel Jeremy you are the best

  4. Es muy facil. Gracias Jeremy! (Trying my Spanish from school :D)

  5. Please can you make a paper wallet

  6. Please upload a video telling how to make 2×2 paper rubix cube pls tell is a humble request

  7. i love this model and i also love tacos =)

  8. Happy new year 😊 Mr. Jeremy Shafer. Thank you very much for designing ur lovely origami for us.

  9. late merry Christmas and happy new year

  10. Hey Jeremy, are you going to be at the origami USA convention at Portland Oregon on September 12-15?

  11. I shout to you ilove your origamis

  12. When life gives you paper

    Give them origami

  13. I am from bangladesh can I win the flasher hat

  14. (Im Really Late xD,I really Enjoyed The Holidays)

  15. 😂Lol That Ending 😂
    👍Like it Though!👍

  16. 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂😊3😊😢😢1☺☺☺15👍

  17. A few days after I played Pac-Man at the arcade XD

  18. Making this because of Smash 5… Thanks Jeremy!

  19. If anybody want better crafts search for DG crafts

  20. JEREMY!!! I folded one, and it whent on a rampage eating everything!!! It ate me computer! Now it is going through California and coming your way!!! RUN JEREMY!!!

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