How to use the traditional origami iris to make a beautiful kusudama.
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Origami: Iris
Designed By: Traditional, Arranged by Heather Shida
Origami Style: Pure (24 sheets of origami paper – no scissors, no glue)
Made By: Heather
Today I will show you how to use the iris flower to make a beautiful kusudama!
You will need the following paper.
iris = 15 x 15 cm (24 sheets) (or any other size)
string and needle and thread
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  1. What happened to the rabbit O.o

  2. I did this a few weeks ago with my own design and it's so beautiful. Definitely worth the hours of trial and error.

  3. thanks for all the fun stuff

  4. hello Heather, you should make over again kusudama's tutorials, and other incredibles origami projects please!!! you're such an amazing origami teacher… thank you

  5. this sucks you do not use needle and stuff for origami stupid 

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