3D origami flag of India (Indian flag) Tutorial
step by step instruction, master class for beginners
(भारत का ध्वज भारतीय ध्वज)

You will learn how to make flag of India (Indian flag) out of paper. We’ll make a flag in technology “Modular 3D origami”.

0:05 We need:
62 light orange, 96 white, 93 green and 13 indigo pieces. A link “How to make such triangles” is here ttps://youtu.be/UWz_BtMt4Go

0:16 time it takes to build the flag is about 12 minutes.
Time assembly pieces has 85 minutes.

0:25 Repeat after us. If you want to pause or watch again

1:02 Please write in comments below what Models 3D origami
do you like doing:
1. Simple
2. Medium
3. Difficult
4. Your version

7:05 The flag is ready!

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You know now how to make flag by the art 3D origami (modular origami). Use this video as a master class in the assembly of flags.

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  1. 3D origami flag of India (Indian flag) Tutorial

  2. hello, im from croatia and i watch all the time your videos they are great. I decided to ask you can you make croatian flag please.

  3. can anyone tell which size 🔺 is needed

  4. can u give me simple one arthur

  5. I was reading comments on the other video ("What paper use for 3D origami") where one of the viewers asked you to make the Flag of INDIA. Hats off to you for granting his wish and making a video on it. Loved it! Thanks from me too. 🙂

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