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  1. у вас талант творить такую красоту!!!!

  2. Dear Ankhang handmade Thank you very much, this is the video I want. Sorry if I bothered you. Good luck, I wish you luck.very nice job. 🌸🌸

  3. Which type of paper you did use to make this ??

  4. Wow very very beautiful👌total how much needed

  5. Mam which paper size?1-32 ,1-64 pls reply

  6. you have just untoldable talent😍😍😍… are amazing…. I like all of your videos…….

  7. Where do you buy those small papers? Or did you cut them yourself?

  8. Verry nice ……whenre i can buy this papper ?? Bcz in general shop they not use to sell different colour only pink and brown they use to sell

  9. E essa caneta que ela passa entres os papel é cola alguém pode me responde em português?

  10. А если изменить 1/20 на 1/32

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