3D origami Cow (Bull, Ox) tutorial

In this video we learn how to make cow (bull) from paper in the art 3D origami.
You can make this bull with his own hands. It will be a great New Year’s totem or symbol at a meeting of the New Year of the Ox according to the Chinese (eastern) calendar.
Also you can to present this bull of pieces for those born under the symbol of the ox (1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033 etc.).
The cow invented Oksana Vershigora (her original work).

We need to assemble Cow 559 pieces size of 1/32. The height of a cow is 19 cm., Width is 14 cm.

We need:
371 white, 118 black, 62 pink, 8 brown pieces
How to make pieces 1/32 see here: http://youtu.be/XUC2E9E5Jbs

Making the body of the cow (bull calf)
Each row has 20 pieces
Make the specks of black pieces arbitrarily

Bend and make another 1 row (The specks make randomly)

continue to make rows.
Arbitrarily inventing drawing of black and white

All you need to make 12 rows

Making the head: each row has 20 pieces

2nd row has 7 pink
3rd row has 8 pink

4th row has 9 pink, pattern of black invent themselves

5th row has 8 pink

6th row has 9 pink

7th row has 8 pink

8th row has 7 pink

Put on the pieces reverse side

Now put on the pieces normal side

Making the hair: we put on black pieces on 3 corners

Making the horns (4 brown)

Making the legs (4 whites and 1 black)

Making the hands (5 white and 1 black)

Making of paper the nostrils and the eyes

Making the ears

Glue the ears, the horns, the eyes and the nostrils

insert the legs and the arms

Making the tail of white pieces

The cow is ready!

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And now you know how to make cow (bull) in the art 3D origami (modular origami). Use this video as a master class in the assembly cow (bull).

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