We take a look at a standard piece of printer paper under the microscope today.

It’s surprisingly interesting given what a flat and textureless object it normally is. Glad I ended up ripping one of the edges, as it definitely provided a lot of interesting detail.

The paper is a standard sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch ‘US Letter’ printer paper.

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  1. One question
    How do you not have more subscribers?
    P.S. Just subscribed yesterday

  2. i could find waldo if i had the microscope

  3. This is the channel I was looking for throughout my whole life

  4. What microscope did you use by the way?

  5. 15: 23 that look like a picture of a nebula

  6. You should have had a spot where you wrote on the paper to see how that affected it microscopically!

  7. Just the YouTube channel i was searching for!! 😍

  8. I wonder what are those tiny black rings??

  9. Yo I’ve been watching for so long (since the 100 subscriber video) and was incredibly sad when you had stopped uploading. It’s INSANE how much your channel has grown out of nowhere man, and I hope you keep going.

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