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Meu objetivo com esse vídeo é divulgar a arte do origami com um tutorial de fácil compreensão para que mais gente possa aprender, caso você seja o criador desse modelo e quiser que eu remova o vídeo, avise nos comentários.



  1. kd o origami da bola quadrada

  2. i like that you give origami to a more expansive audience than just americans

  3. thanks for your videos, they are really helpful!!!

  4. I can make it with one sheet of paper

  5. its good beacause there is no haters in origami theme in YouTube!

  6. This was a very nice piece! Did you design it yourself?

  7. ur so good at making easy ways of makin things with papers/ UR A REAL PRO

  8. A say what? (In the beginning! 😁)

  9. придурок тупой зись пись

  10. Lol i farted making cause for me it was quite challenging :p

  11. blink oh look, there’s an origami pyramid! nice video!

  12. Thanks!! This was the easiest one! I subscribed!!

  13. Why do we have to do this on homework

  14. Its soo easy and helpful!!! Thanks for the video!! 👍

  15. very nice and simple, useful thing

  16. Good but try to explain more nicely . not explained nicely

  17. I have made a good pyramid for my protect

  18. Thanks!Now i can make Illuminati with this tutorial! xD 😀

  19. Blue and orange colour combination is not nice. Thank you for sharing this video

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