Origami eagle it took more than 5000 pieces of triagle to finish this.



  1. hello! this is amazing. Do you have a tutorial ? I love eagles and would love to make one.

  2. it takes time to create another one, but i will try it to show its how done! oh sorry for my bad english!…….

  3. Stunning wish you would do a tutorial that is just amazing grea t job

  4. Könnten sie mir die Anleitung für den geben

  5. I love eagles and would love a tutorial on how you did this

  6. Very nice, will you please provide tutorial on this

  7. Hola esta padre el aguila si puedes hacer un tutorial del aguila q hicistes de papel pero paso a paso

  8. paseme tu numero es que me gusto aguila 3d

  9. seria mejor si esplicaras como hacerlo

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