The author of this paper flower designer Fumiaki Shingu.
This origami flower is the most beautiful! However, it is very easy. I do it a little more than 4 minutes. Crafts are not complicated, cope beginner. In the video I show step by step, how to make a rose out of paper. You must come out. Watch Video nice with good music. Engage origami with pleasure. Make origami can be used to decorate the room. It would be interesting in the comments to get feedback on how well you turned flower. Another idea for decorating roses – gift box. You can attach to the bottom of the flower tape (adhesive) and tie gift. These flowers can decorate a festive table (wedding) or a table for a romantic dinner. Certainly, there are other applications of these ideas for decorating roses. Write your ideas in the comments.

“How to make a paper flower for 5 minutes Origami Rose for Beginners” – a nice origami video. Please recommend it to friends.

Instructions for the production of origami flower:
1. Prepare a square of paper.
2. Make the basic form of a double triangle.
3. Mark the center line.
4. Lift the bottom corners to the center line.
5. Open the “pockets”.
6. Repeat the same steps with the other side.
7. Fold the top corner of one of the parties.
8. Insert the thumbs down artifacts, as shown in the video.
9. Rasplyushte and smooth wrinkles.
10. Turn.
11. Lift the triangle and fold it open.
12. Make one fold on each side.
13. Put a flower next to the left hand, and keep right over the top.
14. Twist to form a flower bud.
15. Take a small tube (stick) to tighten the flower leaves.
16. Origami Rose is ready!
If you could not watch the video again, and you must succeed.

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On Youtube channel a lot of video that Origami models. I repeated it for the video: Origami Easy – Origami Flower Tutorial
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