How to make a paper house?
Make yourself your own 3D home. This is an origami consists of two parts, each of which is made with a square of paper of the same size. In the video models I used paper Color Plus and sulfite.

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  1. Pessoal, mais uma vez trago uma sugestão de inscritos para vocês. Mais uma vez peço que me ajudem na divulgação desse vídeo, isso fará o canal crescer no exterior e me possibilitar trabalhar para melhorá-lo ainda mais. A versão em português será postada hoje mais ou menos às 12h e 30 min.

  2. ❤♥★❤♥★❤♥★My friend you make an amazing video❤♥★ Love your channel!!!! ❤♥★❤♥★❤♥★

  3. Cool finishes my set up for the actual house with things inside. Loved it!

  4. Thank you so much, I got good grades in my project in school 👍👍👍🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵

  5. aku orang dompu bukan bahasa yang kaya kalian

  6. it helped me alot thanks for the help.

  7. I really like your video now my math is easier

  8. Hello. For people who speak English, I tried to talk and explain as best as possible, I had difficulty in pronouncing some words, then I hope your patience. Enjoy the video and send suggestions for me to improve.

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