It’s almost Christmas so time for a remake of this 3-D origami Christmas star. Remember if you still can’t make the origami Christmas star with this video you’d better focus on completing your 1000 cranes first… it’s not the video… it’s you … For the origami fundamentalists I will not tell either it is really John Montroll’s omega star …

Merry Christmas to you all!



  1. made one and turned out terriable but i will improve it thanks this a great video

  2. I haven't even started, but i somehow have a feeling i'm gonna make dozens of other figures along the way. 😀

    Looking forward to this!

  3. Pure genius! The inventor of this must have a really warped mind.
    I made the 6 pcs modular Omega star before, which was fairly easy. This one took me 3 tries, and 3 hours. I used 4×4" paper with gold metallic coating, which doesn't fold very easy, and it shows in the result; an ugly approximation of the Omega star. Hopefully the next ones come out better, when I use standard paper.

  4. Who ever did this sure has talent, but boy he sucks at explanations.
    Sure, you can do it! Cool! But hey, I want to do it too!
    The video is far too fast, when this is a rather complicated process, and there are many parts in which I had no idea what he had just done. There were parts in which he turned the whole thing and I had no idea he had done that, and thus I ended up folding wrongly the whole thing and screwed badly.

    Amazing performer. Sucky teacher.

  5. If you are a seasoned folder who knows how to crease paper properly and pause videos (I know I'm asking a lot, just do your best), you can do this star.

  6. what do we do with the side that we reverse folded?

  7. wohh woooh woohhh slow down how do u do this pre creasing stuff?

  8. i made this star just fine but it would help a little to slow down

  9. Whoa.. a little too fast but fascinating! 🙂

  10. I made it near the end but had a hard time finishing it…kept messing up on the little folds >.<

  11. Jonakashima and tadashimori did a vid on this

  12. Too fast?  Hit the pause button or replay.

  13. Hey, your video is laggy and skippy and sucks 🙂

  14. Its cool but way to difficult for me imma try later

  15. next time go a little slower and and describe what to do a little better

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