Paper used in this video: 35cm by 21cm rectangle of kami (13.75in by 8.25in)
Finished model: 13.5cm long (5.25in), 7cm high (2.75in), 4cm deep (1.5in)
Video explaining paper ratios:

This video describes how to fold a fantastic origami bear designed by Stephen Weiss.
Stephen kindly gave me permission to make this video accessible to you.

Diagrams were published in “Origami Zoo: An Amazing Collection of Folded Paper Animals” by Robert Lang and Stephen Weiss
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  1. The simplest ratio of the paper used is 5:3. So if you just choose what length you want the longer side of your rectangle to be, you can just multiply that by 3/5. So if you have a 40cm square, you can make one side 24 and then you have a rectangle in the right proportions.

  2. I got so frustrated that I had to go outside and take a walk to clear my mind haha

  3. como faço pra conseguir um papel desse tamanho ?

  4. To be honest , don't wanne break off ur effort. But i made this when i was in the clinic for months. It took me 2 days to make a perfect one and the one after it was so easy to make. But this video is bad…
    I did it with just instructions from a paper i got from google pictures.
    U turn the paper around so many times that i bet most people quit at the 10:42 folding. I really got frustrated…I wanted to do this to relax before bed. But u made me so p off i wanne eat every paper i have… digest , shit it out & use it as bio fuel. (just to show my respect to the worlds nature.) WHAT EVER YOU PEOPLE DO…DO NOT i repeat : NOT do this to relax trueh this video's steps. I bet it confuses alot of people. Though it could be just me. Since i have a concentration distortion. (or however u type that fancy word :p)
    No harm meant btw 🙂 I really do appriciate people like u , making this effort.

  5. Wow seriously , i'm gonne need anger manegement after this. Heck it might even make me suicidal. This is not what i tryed to accomplish :p


  7. Hi you are the best! I just tried this out…it didn't come out as well as you did(I guess it requires more practise 😛 )
    Can you please do a tutorial on an origami WOLF?

  8. Thank you for the video. For others like me with little experience, don't try this with copy paper. The multiple folds don't hold well and end up tearing. I think thin paper would work much better. Larger paper too, as the small folds are hard to execute as the copy paper builds up in thickness. A shame, as I got through 3/4 of the folding before things started falling apart.


  10. I made this with a 35x55cm piece of cardstock. It looks pretty good for a first completed attempt (I tried this one a couple of times before I was ready), but I think I'll try it again with some slightly thinner paper. Thanks for the tutorial, Sara! 🙂

  11. This is hard I'm in 5th grad come on

  12. Like this tutorial very much. Easy to follow. Maybe one thing I changed when folding the second time: It makes sense to "align" / fold the feet in a later step, because if you align first and then to the shaping / crimp folds afterwards it will disalign the feet again and the bears stand might be not optimal.

  13. Just made mine from regular origami paper – cut it down to 15×9 cm . . . not too bad, the bear is about 7x3cm !

  14. Great tutorial. Thank you for uploading.

  15. A very beautiful model and a very good tutorial, thank you! I like that you say everything that you do out loud. A good way to get acquainted with crease patterns too, and I really enjoyed how it felt like I was sculpting the paper with my hands.

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