This is a model that is designed by Jeremy Shafer and is published in his first book ” Origami To Astonish And Amuse “.
This is the most complicated model that I have ever folded.



  1. Why r u uplodeing a lot of vids all of a sudden

  2. Hello everyone,
    I made the baby flasher hat, tell me if you would like to see a Comparison to these two flasher hats.

  3. hey that's realy nice can u work on origami tessellations

  4. yes I would like to see there compression

  5. Nice Job!!! You are lucky you were able to fold that. i have not been able to do it.

  6. nvm but how many pieces of paper did you use?

  7. For a nice title opening, go to medium or large screen.

  8. Congrats, dude! You finally made it! Great job!

  9. I finally finished mine. I'll post a tutorial when it's done wetfolding

  10. Golden fire you are the origami and nith crease great job you know I am the first origamiest in my country

  11. I can't make the flasher big bang and the original flasher hat but I can fold flasher deluxe tessellation

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