This video shows you step by step instructions to make a neat animal cell model for your elementary school project or assignment. It is really easy to follow and easy to make and your school teacher will surely be impressed !



  1. Can you make a model on epithelial tissue . Please

  2. Thank cause I did my from coping your s

  3. Where is lysome and other organelles

  4. هاي الخلية النموذجية عدنا بصف ثالث 😭🙈🙊

  5. This piece of homework is so annoying ffs

  6. It is not a full completed animal cell.

  7. Thank you very much. It's now Sunday and my project is in by Wednesday. Better early than normal. Anyway just wanted to say that mine looks great. Thank you again!!

  8. What type of animal cell is it pls reply quick cuz I have to give my model tomorrow

  9. where does one find a perfect styrofoam ball

  10. i have this in for two days geting ingredients tomorrow

  11. Here I am in high school doing this project. We have to have a 15” ball or else we can’t fit ALL the organelles and a model of the DNA with another model showing what organelle helps which and in what order they go in

  12. I want clear image of last information

  13. Nice but can u explain as you make them

  14. Please show me the same thing but without any clay

  15. hate this project
    ugh so time consuming

  16. thnx now i can do my highschool project XDDDDD

  17. I'm totally going to Barrow this idea for my project

  18. OMG thanks you so much!… thank lord!

  19. Necesito un celular madre bien creativa me pueden decir

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