In this video, I teach how to make a modular origami Robin Star. YOU can use it as a toy, as an ornament or decor element.
Material: 8 square paper 7.5 x 7.5 cm. You can use any type of paper.

Designer: Maria Sinayskaya

Robin Star

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  1. whats the title of the background music?

  2. მაგარი გამოვიდა

  3. I just lovee it aloott but just i want to make it big one soo plss suggest mi new calculations like u hav taken it 7.5 cm so i want little big double so how many cm may i use???? Pls reply

  4. Are you sure this is a mandala? As i known this is Robin Star deaigned by Maria Sinayskaya

  5. owesame amazing your ideas are nice and your art so nice

  6. E muito foda essas estrelas ninjas

  7. Amei esse origame você é um gênio

  8. It is not a easy job but interesting

  9. At 1:54 i stopped folding and ate paper

  10. This was really hard to do but I could make it at home

  11. Muito bonito este origami para usar como estrela no cimo da árvore de natal, deixando passar luz no seu centro. Grata pela partilha.

  12. Very nice design! It's not too complicated, and is very stable once it's together. No glue needed!

  13. I made this with the almost six inch origami paper, and it came out very well, thank you!

  14. Ninja star for distinguished peeps.

  15. Se llaman estas figuras kusudamas, a estas piezas que se ensamblan

  16. Muchisimas gracias su obra muy bonita y su tutorial excelente Ud. lo hace fácil de aprender .

  17. another impossible one you want do as the directions are not clear!!

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