Computer-aided design of flat patterns allows designers to
prototype foldable 3D objects made of heterogeneous sheets
of material. We found origami designs are often characterized
by pre-synthesized patterns and automated algorithms.
Furthermore, augmenting articulated features to a desired
model requires time-consuming synthesis of interconnected
joints. This paper presents CardBoardiZer, a rapid cardboard
based prototyping platform that allows everyday sculptural
3D models to be easily customized, articulated and folded.
We develop a building platform to allow the designer to 1)
import a desired 3D shape, 2) customize articulated partitions
into planar or volumetric foldable patterns, and 3) define rotational movements between partitions. The system
unfolds the model into 2D crease-cut-slot patterns ready for
die-cutting and folding. In this paper, we developed interactive
algorithms and validated the usability of CardBoardiZer
using various 3D models. Furthermore, comparisons
between CardBoardiZer and methods of Autodesk® 123D™
Make, demonstrated significantly shorter time-to-prototype
and ease of fabrication.

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