Paper used in this video: 6 sheets of paper, 15cm by 3.75cm (6in by 1.5in)
Finished model: star with a diameter of 15cm (6in)

Where to buy the foil-backed crumpled paper: or or

This video describes how to fold a fantastic modular origami model “Hex Star” designed by Maria Sinayskaya.
Maria kindly gave me permission to make this video accessible to you.

Also check out Maria’s website and her Flickr stream

More origami:



  1. A video on Maria Sinayskaya's wonderful modular origami Hex Star is now available. Enjoy! And happy Christmas folding!

  2. hello.. may i ask whatdo you use to glue crumpled paper to the foil and is there any process to doing it or just making it like tissue foil ? 

  3. hey,when you tolled the diameter of the finished model the subtitle of it appeared when you started folding

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful video! I will be making several of these as gifts for my family.

  5. @Vinh Truong I didn't glue the foil to the paper, it's how I bought it. Check the video description for some example online sources. 

  6. Just finished the model! Looks awesome and was very fun and easy to make! Thanks for the wonderful video!

  7. Never seen composed origamis. Brilliant. Just like paper legos.

  8. Hi there, thnx so much for your videos & tutorials. I have my favorite origami subscription & you are one of them. So, I really look forward to see your tutorial videos. I think you have a great talent in teaching and committing the projects!!
    thnx a bunch..

  9. Lovely model, thank you for demonstrating it.

  10. This is an awesome star and great tutorial! Thanks, Sara!

  11. why you do not make marks with a pen, his would be easier

  12. Great one. Very good instructions given. I began doing these stars. Thank u

  13. Люкс! Мне очень понравилось.

  14. That is the Star of David not a damn he star

  15. Hi thanks so much for this tutorial!! I made a couple of these to decorate my room at work 🙂

  16. Nice video. I will return here again to watch the video with paper. I have short video on making simple paper star. You may try it:

  17. This turned out beautifully Sara, thank you somuch for sharing

  18. What should the ideal size be for this star to put on the Christmas tree?

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