how to fold a TIE Fighter

More starwars Origami designs on Philp Schulz’s page
The design is a little intermediate so please keep trying or ask me questions on how to fold this modell



  1. Once I unfolded it it fucked up so bad lol

  2. Too complicated! I saw other videos much more easier than this. You make it too fast. Even making pauses, you don´t explain very well…

  3. es una nota hacer estas clases de figuras con hojas de papel es muy didáctico CHEVERE okkkk

  4. Sorry, aber echt etwas zu schnell.

  5. These instructions are really good. Well done.

  6. You are the worst origami maker?!! that I have ever seen… incredible.

  7. the instructions are awesome, but you had the paper too close to the camera.

  8. Gracias y felicidades siii pude pero ya no voltee las esquinas mejor lo pinte

  9. el peor de todos los q eh visto en mi vida
    parece retrasado quien lo hace
    explica bien las cosas…

  10. He said TEE Fighter 😁🤦‍♀️


  12. 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😠👎👎

  13. This video was incredibly helpful and went at just the right pace. I have never done origami before, and I was able to execute this with no problems. The most difficult part was when I had to take the model apart to fold back the white portion. The second time I attempted this tie fighter, I kept the right wing together as a referenced to look back to when folding back the left side, and then had the left side as a reference as I worked on the right. I hope this helps someone else. Have patience, because this is the best tie fighter origami I have seen compared to other videos. Thanks for a great video!

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