This is my first origami video, hope u enjoy it.
The Kepler star was taken from Origami Omnibus by Kunihiro Kasahara.

Second Part



  1. in step 5 you fold to the center and then you unfold and go on to step 6. I'll make a video for you 🙂 The problem was that I couldn't record videos, so that's why is a bit difficult to understand.

    Sorry for my english… 😛

  2. i've made a video for you, it'll be available soon

  3. Thanks,the star is awesome and verry nice ;D

  4. quedo medio mocho porque no tenia donde poner la camara entonces tuve que hacerlo con fotos 😛

  5. about 10×10 cm. You can use any size of paper you want anyway but i don't recommend using a smaller paper since it'll be more dificult to assemble

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