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Cómo hacer de papel de origami
Model Designer – Roman Petrenko (Yakomoga)
If you want to make a video on this model, please wait until 2018. Thank you for understanding 🙂

Размеры листа – 2 листа А5
Sheet size – 2 sheets A5 (148 mm х 210 mm)

1. Good Starts
Jingle Punks – YouTube Audio Library
2. A Long Cold – Riot – YouTube Audio Library



  1. you think anyone could do this. idiot

  2. Como é o nome da musica do começo

  3. Can I just use a square piece of paper

  4. I want to make a white 🔺 triangle that goes right in that little spot

  5. to hard i cant even make it make a nother 1 easier ps

  6. youtube:need a5 paper
    me:i hate my a4 papers,sings all around me are familiar faces

  7. What is the difficulty please reply is it intermediate or high intermediate or low intermediate

  8. Hey bro, theres a diagram or PDF of this model?, I prefer diagrams because the videos bored me, they go to slow…

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