How to make Modular Origami Boxes (designed by Tomoko Fuse)
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  1. Very original video. I love all that is made with their own hands. You are well done!

  2. Wow you're so underrated. I appreciate the work you put into your videos!!

  3. this is a beautiful box i tell u first i love it so much thanks for the origami modular

  4. Absolutely love these and can't wait to make them. Do you use a slightly smaller size for the base so that the lids fit nicely on top?

  5. Which paper is used to make this box

  6. what is the size of the finished box?

  7. Creative DIY you are awesome and I think that you are a creative

  8. 表も裏も白色の紙では見にくく何度見直してもつくれなかったです。

  9. Definitely wouldn't call this easy. I'd say it was easy folding but intermediate level for assembling! However, I managed it and used it as a gift box. ☺️

  10. The tutorial is wonderful, thank you so much. Having worked out the size of the sheets of paper ( half the length of the sheet will be the length of one side of the box), I made a number this afternoon to use for the wrapping of souvenirs for friends from my holidays. Happy Days 🙂

  11. These are most beautiful works of art. Thank you so much.

  12. i love that it so beautiful . can't. wait for your next video

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