110g kraft paper folded after Jeremy Shafer Origami to Astonish and Amuse



  1. thats awesome how did u make it?

  2. Interesting… I've never considered popping the central square out of the collapsed bunch. Was this on purpose, or did it just happen?

  3. The central square ends up like this to give room for all the paper, so yes it is on purpose.

  4. kuuul! hvor lang tid brukte du på den? og hvor lærte du det?

  5. Starting from the edges and working inwards. It may help to use some clamps to hold around parts that is folded. I think it is possible to start in one corner also but I always ends up working in rings – or should I say walking in rings.

  6. You may colapse the central square also, but I think it looks nicer with the flat top and not a ragged one. Have now made a few more, and also tested smal alterations in the pull – but the original is the most stable and easiest to shrink again.

  7. plz 4 the love of all that is holy makea tutoreal!

  8. i have a lot of questions
    do you have a book origami ooh la la?
    (answer this if you have the book or cp)
    how do you precrease this?
    do you know how to make the big easy flasher?
    they say you can make a flasher hat using the precrease of the big easy flasher?
    also can you make a video about the flasher hat?

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