20,000 Easy folding papers
The project took 1 month.
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  1. it is really good work but u just shown what u made can u pleas suggest how to make this tiger full video

  2. Wow, obviously lots of effort put into this and so beautifully done! So cool! Congrats on putting so much time into this and coming out with something so awesome and beautiful. I might not have such patience, but this proves too that taking your time to do it right and not rush makes it come out looking 100 times better. Such neat work.

  3. Please visit 3Dorigamidreambank.com

  4. I have made 30 models from YouTube julia zhu7777 and then from that. One day I just figured out how to make the tiger from some photos.

    Make more small models.
    Visit ETSY.com
    Look for 3Dorigamidreambank.
    Best regards

  5. I also would like to put a tiger but I can not find the scheme but I like the work deliodi 3D origami and where to find sito tiger scheme as a fiddle

  6. como lo puedo hacer porque esta super que vacan hagan el video cuanbdo lo estan haciendo

  7. as they do the tiger. make the video when they are arming the tiger because it is super cool.

  8. it so cool👅🙊thats my faviote animal on earth

  9. if i make that 3d origami tiger itake 2 month i finished lol

  10. comment on le fait car je voudrait le faire il trop jolie

  11. Do u have a video how to make an origami lion step by step? Thanks 🙂

  12. You can do the tiger tutorial. I like you very well, please

  13. How make this tiger ?? I love Tiger and I want like in my house <3 Do you have a video how to make an origami step by step ??

  14. Tutorial porfa está lindo tu trabajo felicidades

  15. Hello! Can you tell me please how to make this tiger? Where can I find instructions for it?

  16. I make a tutorial how to make 3d origami tiger. You can visit me here http://www.youtube.com/c/onoyorigami
    Thank you

  17. Julia I do not have instructions

  18. How do you come up with this, it looks so amazing 🙂 but are you sure its only 20.000? this seems to have a lot more.

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