Origami Froebel Star making: How to easily fold a German Star or Advent Star, Danish Star, Christmas Star, Nordic Star, Pennsylvanian Star, Polish Star, Swedish Star, Danish Star. Crafting great decoration!

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Origami folding tutorial filmed in FullHD with a Sony a6000 camera and cut with Final Cut Pro X on an Apple iMac Computer.

Made with ♥ in Bavaria, Germany.



  1. Great tutorial. Thank you for using two different colors. That makes it so much easier to see how you're folding when you're a beginner. Nice Job!

  2. So nice! Thank you for making this so easy to follow!

  3. Great tutorial- I used to make these when I was a kid and was searching everywhere to find this – I forgot the name of it =) Now I am practicing again….can't believe I remembered all the steps back then. What type of paper do you use? It looks really pretty and perfectly sturdy for folding

  4. thanks for the video, but i don't appreciate how you listed "60cm x 2cm" strips but after you're done you just "cut the stripes of." i prepared beautiful strips much longer than necessary because i believed you

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