[Rather Simple] How to fold an origami butterfly that flaps it’s wings when you pull the tail. This model borrows the action mechanism of the traditional flapping bird. The idea to design a pull-the-tail flapping butterfly was given to me by Andy Mangal (though I’ve probably attempted to do it before as evidenced by this video https://youtu.be/OTiXXo6pS48 which is also a pull-the-tail butterfly but looks more like a crane).

Music Credits:
Yard Sale (Silent Partner – YT Free Audio Library)
Honky Tonkin (Doug Maxwell, Media Right Productions – YT Audio Library)
Blizzards (Riot – YT Audio Library)
Calypso Beach Walk (Doug Maxwell, Media Right Productions – YT Audio Library)
Dog and Pony Show (Silent Partner – YT Free Audio Library)
Morning Stroll (Josh Kirsch, Media Right Production – YT Free Audio Library)



  1. Dear jerramy shafer can you make a origami boy and a tiger?from Aditya and Aarav

  2. Jeremy can you make a paper cat

  3. Hey Jeremy can you make anything in the world

  4. at 6:22 I was satisfied with what I had

  5. Can you make a paper superhero please

  6. It's amazing I did it and it worked well thank you

  7. Can you make an inflatable Puff the Magic Dragon?

  8. OMG that is impossible I tried 7 times it didn't work

  9. But it is really good I tried it my best for a craft exhibition it came superb man 😏

  10. Jeremi can you make dragon fly so then i pull its tail then it flaps its wings

  11. can you please make a paper dragon which flapps it's wing

  12. jeremy you are my best and favourite teacher

  13. Can you make a car when we open it became a dragon

  14. I don't under stand😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😨😨😨😭😭😭😓😔😖

  15. Jermy make a wich real fly a bird plz

  16. Good idea but the hardest from you

  17. Hemmn funny … nice .. very nice

  18. I tried but then it turned into a flower

  19. BR,esse origami é muito bom e realista

  20. Can you make a paper tiger please

  21. Can you give tips on designing your own action origami models please

  22. can you make a snake that when you pull its tail its mouth opens. With fangs. please,

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