[Rather Simple] How to fold a 10-pointed Ninja Star that can disassemble into 10 double-spiked claws! No tape, no glue! The Eight-point Ninja Star won my poll, but this 10-Pointed Ninja Star is way cooler and a lot easier to fold so I couldn’t resist. It spins on your finger, spins on the table, fits on your finger like a ring, flexes convex or concave like a bowl, and disassembles to become 10 double-spiked claws! And considering how easy it is to make it holds together surprisingly well. In the video, it finally fell apart but that was after about 30 throws! Another thing… it can be attached to clothing by bunching up cloth from the garment and inserting it through the hole in the middle of the star and attaching a small logo pin to the cloth to fasten it on. It can also be worn as a hat, especially if you fold it out of larger paper… Just curve the model and curve the points to make it a bowl-shaped. Have fun!

For an easier 10-pointed star try this one: https://youtu.be/09f5nOapzG4



  1. 1:002:00

    I only think this is a popular starting for ninja stars.


  3. Jeremy can you make a new book I have all your books

  4. I commented you should make a10 point ninja star to early already designed one.by the way thank you for commenting on my channel I hope I get to meet you Jeremy

  5. Jeremy do you know how to make a ninja star boomerang that flies back?

  6. Been watching this great YouTuber since four years now, this channel has progressed from then! ☺️ Good luck for the future Jeremy!

  7. 髭剃らないんですか〜"(〃´▽`)v今日も素敵な折り紙(๑’ω’๑)

  8. Did you just waste 50 papers making that

  9. Hi ! I m one of the biggest fan of yours! I m a 11 yr old kid and I m an Indian and you are the best craftsman I ve ever seen. Pls make more videos and pls do not forget to see my channel.

  10. You know ive been watching the chanle and it inspired me to do oragomi

  11. Ok, I’m a new fan of yours! Or your subscriber.

  12. I am making my dad one for fathers day

  13. It was so hard well not really but for some reason it just came out to fat

  14. Are yar tum bahut jyada bolte ho

  15. I have recently made some of your hardest models. The thing that is amazing about that is that is I'm only 11. I hope you read this comment and I love your work can't wait to see if I can make this. You are brilliant at origami but there is one thing I can ask. That is that please could you do a folding lesson especially on diagonal folds in half. Thanks Jeremy your the best

  16. Thank you so much for your video. I am able to follow your directions, unlike some others. You are a good teacher. Keep up the good work.

  17. Their should be 11 not 10
    Because last point was harder than youmake .thats why in the last it has came out

  18. Jeremy can you make a 100 pointed ninja star

  19. Jeremy can you make a origami Thousand pointed ninja star

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