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  1. Hi, thank you again for this beautiful art, I've watched many videos on your channel, now I know how you do it, but I want to know how you come up with the designs of your art, I wish if you can make a video explaining how you design it.
    Also I wish if you make a video showing all the tools you're using to make your art.
    Thank you

  2. Muy bonito su arte, pero que tipo de papel se utiliza para poder hacerlo gracias.

  3. Yet another beautiful master piece that I want to try. Your work is absolutely mesmerizing and mind blowing

  4. I have a few questions though, do u use ordinary origami paper? When doing this, does it shape itself or do y have to guide it? Did u make the flowers or buy them.

  5. muy lindos proyectos, felicidades muy bonitos estoy empezando a hacer un pavo pero pues el doblar esos papelitos demora un poco jajajajaja pero igual lo hare DIOS primero.

  6. Que hermoso una bellesa saludos de Argentina

  7. hello' you are amazing' I love to watch your channel/ thank you so much for you the videos.
    were can I buy paper like you use?

  8. Bonjour magnifique super 👍 la vidéo est t'il possible de le reproduire avec d'autre couleur est pouvais vous nous faire une vidéo avec les différentes tailles des carrés de papier que vous utiliser merci beaucoup vraiment très très beaux le vase

  9. I just love watching you make these. You are very talented and everything you make is just beautiful.

  10. Muy lindo yo he hecho muchos de sus manualidades

  11. very nice wonderful I like so much

  12. it need too much time but it is beautifully presented

  13. Row 9 10 11 :54 pieces rồi từ Row 12 trở Đi là Nhiêu c Sao ko ghi

  14. My vase shape is not coming perfect what to do..

  15. Hello ! Just tuned in , my god ! Another master piece . I to want so much to try to create this very piece but I really need to learn to where you got your paper and how to cut to size . I know how to fold ! Just need measurements so I can get started on this wonderful piece of art . Thank you so much .

  16. Hello ! Been watching your video , one question if I may , did you have to make all your pieces by hand and if so how long did it take to make all pieces that you needed especially for this design . Your big vase . Have you ever interred your works into fairs , or been on television , sales of your works just a hobby etc .Your works are truly beautiful choice of color is sensational . Beautifully done .

  17. We all have a passion and that passion is art !

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