How to make a paper chef’s hat for children!

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  1. 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘

  2. this really helped me for my bake sale in school

  3. i have failed a lot of things, but your video really helped me and i'm alive wearing a chef hat! thazx
    : )

  4. This is impossible to make I cant do this plz help

  5. thanks and regards to the inbox folder,l love the idea that the best design is now available

  6. Thanks for uploading this! It was really helpful. When I made it, I made it a bit small, so it didnt fit my head. My bad. I'ld recommend using three pieces of paper then just cutting of the excess just in case.

  7. My son (4 years old) had profession day at his preschool. This tutorial is easy, good and the end result is perfect. i even printed his name on the paper (Chef Sulayman). So really chuffed a big THANK YOU!!!

  8. can we use plastic paper instead of parchment paper

  9. I’m school we are mini musical and my grade needs chef hats

  10. Thanks it was helpful I bet you have a beautiful voice it would be helpful

  11. We Need a chef hat in school so thank you my teacher showed your YouTube channel to our hole class now our class is all watching your YouTube. Channel

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH, this hat is perfect, you have saved my school play

  13. This is not a good design at all. It is extremely difficult and not the least bit fun. It takes forever, and it most likely won’t even work. Do NOT try to make this, it is terrible. I just spent like half an hour folding it and carefully cutting and stapling, and it all fell apart. Going to look for other designs. Save yourself a lot of frustration and do the same

  14. can we take the parchment paper according to our head size rather then 3 feet

  15. اللى جاى من عند الاء😂

  16. It help me a lot I have a cooking without fire competition in school and we have to wear cap .😇😇

  17. Thank youu soo much for uploading this video…
    This helped me so much..
    I have a function and our theme is bakery… So i needed this Hat…
    Luved it… Thank youu….

  18. This hat was awesome! I have to give a fake speech pretending to be a baker and I really didn't want to go out and buy a bakers hat. Thanks.

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