How to fold a flapping bird
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  1. este video esta simple, muy bueno, gracias

  2. ami  me salio pero parese retarde mi pajaro xDD

  3. flapping bird, flappy bird what's the difference?

  4. easy bird … i made it  by grreen color paper  , can   make it . it is like papernama . thanks for sharing the video. this worked in my son ' project

  5. Hey tavin I'm wondering if you know how to make an origami macaw

  6. The reverse folding I gave up on dude but other than that all good I gave you thumbs up

  7. can you do an easy origami kitty cat?

  8. Thank you! I've looked at several sources for how to fold the Flapping Bird – and your video is the best.

  9. Nora Nardacchione, muy buena la grulla que vuela.

  10. no entiendo como se hace conchatumare

  11. i love the video it helps a lot when you redo the hard steps!

  12. your stupid steps are to hard
    you big idiot

  13. i can make a orgami dragon which can fly and is cool with features of converting into something else

  14. thatssssssssssss coolllllllllllllll

  15. Mine is ripped and horrible thx to your repeting

  16. This video was SOOOOOOO much easier to follow than the other one! I know how to make one now! Thank you!

  17. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  18. thanks Tavin for your informative demonstration of this unique origami crane, I've see the more common one, but this one is a little unique My granddaughter is coming over, and she has just taken interest in origami, I use to fold the crane all the time, but after many years, forgot how to fold it. So it will be a nice challenge to try both, and see if she or I am better at it … lol … you know how kids are, they have become way more better at technical things then most of the grand parents


  20. يقطع عمرك على هلفكره كرهتني حياتي ما عم تصير 🐷🐷🐷

  21. haha, i use tiny sticky notes and it kinda works

  22. Tried it. Frustrated at first becuz I forgot a fold. But it works 🙂 have a nice day if you're reading this …

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