In this video I’m showing how you can create a folding origami pattern using Kangaroo 2.

2018/02/22 Edit: I have updated the Grasshopper file since it was not working properly.

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  1. Yes thank you please inform when the book translated to English is released

  2. hi… i'm new in grasshopper, so i'll ask you what component is the one that you use to move and block the wires

  3. I run your file on rhino 6 gh. And the final mesh is not like yours. Its crazily rotating and crashing. Can you help me? Thanks!

  4. I got the same problem when I built a new one on my grasshopper. No matter how I changed the floor or the radians, it kept spinning. I wonder what causes the rotating?

  5. Hi, I also download your grasshopper file, and have exactly the same value of the floor force, and angle for hinge. But when I change the slide of hinge angle, the fold plate start to spin. I really have no idea what is the cause of that.

  6. Hello, Thankyou so much for this video and the script. I am not able to understand the part which you edited for the rhino 6 version. The reason behind why you took areas of mesh edges and then using smaller than on it, and later use curve closest point to provide it in a cull pattern . I get it, to get to lists for the hinge component but why use smaller than and curve closest point?

  7. thanks to your script i have made my first grasshopper form without any other plugin on a mac!

  8. Hi Thanks for sharing!
    I just downloaded the file and opened with rhino 6. The hinge component gives an error message '1. Solution exception:Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.

    Parameter name: index'
    I don't see where the problem is would you please help me?

  9. How to add a node between two components? It is convenient when two components are far away.

  10. would you explain what you are doing? I couldn't understand it at all. you were just saying the component name.please say how does it work and what should be the inputs….

  11. Due to some update for Rhino 6 or Grasshopper somehow the file I uploaded on 2018/1/20 has stopped working so I reuploaded the updated file to the same address on 2018/2/22.

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