This card opens into a Bo Leaf from the sacred Bodhi tree under which legend has it the Buddha attained enlightenment. In addition it also happens to be a flapping bird hence the name “Buddha Bird.” If I were a Guru I’d say the signifance is that the bird is the vehicle for which enlightenment is to be spread across humanity, but since I’m not, it’s just a cool pop-up card. I especially like the action mechanism and the sound it produces.



  1. This is cool I am so making a demo of this.

  2. 1 question…i never see that kind the bird before…(even i am buddha, chinese) 

  3. made it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. come up with something else cool

  5. you are my best origami dude i made everything and they are amazing

  6. I made it and when I opened it the leaf creases unfolded

  7. This was the fucking hardest shit I ever did with origami but …… It works thanks jermeyshafer

  8. its still a guy with a turmen right?

  9. can you make a tutorial of a paper unicycle CHALLENGE:why not make it work if you press the peddals

  10. How do you know what tree the Buddha achieved enlightment under?

  11. its cool, but looks like a venus fly trap eating a bird

  12. That was insulting in the beginning -_-
    I'm Vietnamese and that insulting about the Buddha like that

  13. Slow down! Jeremy u are fast as f1! Slow down!

  14. By the way it's very cool I fold it it from eight inch of kami

  15. awesome but mine isn't that flexible

  16. Technically couldn't it be called the flasher bird

  17. The bird head is stuck in the card

  18. i'm vietnamese and i'm the buddhism.

  19. Jeremy i am buddha but i have no idea about this bird

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