Here is one of the plastic soda bottle crafts. Today you’ll learn how to make a teapot from the regular plastic bottles. Please thumb up! Previous Recycled Bottles Crafts video:
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  1. nasıl bır boya kullanoyorsunuz

  2. So easy and so preety my name is diksha

  3. الفكرة كتير حلوة ❤

  4. awsm …..😍😍😍😍😍 crafts…..

  5. its very useful for the children nice good job

  6. Brilliant . Mind blowing. I like it very much

  7. I love this!! Can you tell me the name of the music? It was so whimsical and went perfect with the teapot theme 😊

  8. All these people that "dislike" that craft, can't "like" it just for the conception of the idea? I can't honnestly understand the bilious mood of those who "dislike" a video in general! Everyone who uploads a video, that doesn't provoke or disrespect the other humans, on the contrary, it offers information or creation, shares a knowledge for good, because "shared knowledge" is "double knowledge". Respect all those who do that well-hearted!

  9. É legal só falta ser mais bonitinho😱

  10. So nice if someone made it for me 😂😂😝 bcz I can't 😫😫😂

  11. Awesome plz upload gift box making

  12. Beautiful work … here I made one with the inspiration of your work

  13. how many bottles are you using and what sizes are they?

  14. which typ of colour is used in this plastic is it pestal colour ?????

  15. كلش😍 حلو وعجبني يمكن اعملو 🙄

  16. I hate the song i gonna have a nightmare of that

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