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Video tutorial teaching how to make an origami rocket.
Tutorial by: Tadashi Mori
Model by: Mark Vigo

Presented with authorization from the author.

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  1. can you make a vid on the origami leviathan's head. the first step is the most important.i cant get it right!!!!!!!!
    and can you make an origami legend wolf by cade chan?

  2. and btw make a facebook fanpage and put the link of the page in the vid's description.

  3. @555aboud Well, i have facebook already but I dun use it too much.
    the link is there on the video description now.

  4. great folding!
    At 11:10 it may help to fold a valley fold to the tip of the big crease first, then "reverse" the crease to give you the desired mountain fold

  5. do you get the diagrams in dev

  6. Hey thanks for that water bomb base shortcut!

  7. this is a repetitive model,which-i admit-gets pretty boring

  8. does anyone know a video of the same thing but slower omg he goes to fast near the five minute spottttttotototototrhjsdlslg mj GFJHGFJH

  9. oh and at 6:09 what line is that!!?!?!?!

  10. stop doing it so slow do it fast

  11. @MrEllinas21 Of course it does

  12. @spenspen100 Shut The Hell Up Man What Are You Talking About You Read This Yourself And Get Yourself Kissed On Friday

  13. fuck this you lost me at 07:42, and i made a beautiful ****** snowball.

  14. it doesn't really like a 'rocket',because it's feet lah,How does 'Marc Vigo' did his origami one lah.Sangat bodohnya!

  15. Sorry i type wrong his name! it should be 'Mark Vigo' lah,aduh,i'm the next bodoh.

  16. way too complex !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Is this a competition? Why are you doubling the speed?

  18. Dude make sure you show all the steps. You are supposed to teach us not show off your origami skill

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