Watch the official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, coming to
theaters December 18, 2015.

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  1. As someone who grew up when the prequels were coming out and loved the original trilogy. I can happily say I am so thrilled with the sequel trilogy so far and can't wait for 9

  2. Had to watch this again after the utter disappointment of The Last Jedi. The Last Jedi was so destructive to the franchise that it even managed to bring this film down a notch or two. What a feat. 😑

  3. If anyone is interested, I have attempted to remake this trailer. I hope it is good lol

  4. Awakening Autumn (Daymare)
    Phase 7
    Force Awakens (Rey – mare)
    Phase 7

    I love you all just understand why I struggle because everyday is a battle for life , every day is a battle for the light side <3

  5. The characters feel different compared to the ones in the Twentieth Century Fox Star Wars Movies. They feel cartoonish instead of the feeling that we were use to.

  6. When the trailer is more engaging than the movie.

  7. still gives me goosebumps and teary eyes

  8. I miss those days, man.

  9. One of the best trailers of one of the worst films.

  10. I love star wars I'm a big fan

  11. It breaks my heart how they wasted this trilogy, I'm more than okay with TFA but TLJ is just a mess, it goes in a different direction and doesn't feel part of the trilogy for me

  12. Looking back at this i really wish finn was a jedi and not rey

  13. How the mighty have fallen. This movie was great. The Last Jedi? Not so much

  14. Another example of the trailer being better than the actual movie

  15. I'm watching this about three years later and it still makes me tear up

  16. It's not a good movie but atleast it didn't destroyed the entire series

    Then the last jedi came out

  17. 3rd highest grossing film of all time.

  18. I believe JJ brought the magic of Star Wars back. You can see it in this trailer. Ryan totally screwed up. I’m glad JJ will be back to make episode 9.

  19. This trailer is still better than all of The Last Jedi.

  20. This was way better than the last jedi

  21. It would be so amazing to live in the Star Wars universe. And Rogue One was the worst SW movie ever btw.

  22. Even 3 years later I still get goosebumps…

  23. Seeing this again makes me sad. The potential that this story brought only to be crushed by Rian’s and KK’s ego

  24. AM I MAD?
    because i was watching it at 7:00 am early morning..
    and i had never watch any star wars movie

  25. estreou bem no dia do meu aniversário, fui assistir no cinema, que presentão 💜

  26. Force of awakens is the first star wars movie i watched and now i am huge fan of "rey" (DAISY RIDELY)

  27. Back when we truly thought this was going to be an amazing and historical new start for the Star Wars saga…and then Rian Johnson happened.

  28. The music in this trailer gives me chills. The kind of chills that hit you emotionally. Such a beautiful trailer.

  29. Still the BEST Star Wars trailer!!!

  30. this is the best trailer i’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing

  31. They made it seem like the knights of ren were coming out y’all bogus lmaoo

  32. we'll never see the end of this trilogy….Gee thanks Disney 😒 all because Solo Didn't do well

  33. The Calm Before The Storm.
    This was a fantastic era for Star Wars.
    Then The Last Jedi hit.

  34. For some reason I thought that the force awakens was ALOT better than the last jedi

  35. That's worst…..All of it

  36. The beginning of the end for the franchise looking back now.

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