💚💛💜 In this origami master class I will show how to make a paper ring for a napkin. This reliable napkin holder will make a paper of 15×21 cm size from a colored sheet. All folds are very simple. Author origami Ivanova Nadezhda, mistress of the cat). Subscribe to the YouTube channel “Origami” Cat: https://www.youtube.com/c/OrigamiCatPaper


1. This is one of the easy options for folding the napkin. Do not need a holder or a ring for a napkin. The napkin stands alone in the shape of a pyramid. All folds are very simple. This variant of folding is traditional, suitable for any event and perfectly decorates the table. I advise you to put a napkin in a pyramid with me.
See the video “How to fold a Napkin Pyramid – Napkin folding Tutorial”

2. When you watch this video, you will find that this kind of folding of napkins is very simple. It’s true and no. The fact is that the folds are really all simple, even a child can cope with them. But to the interweaving of napkins looked also beautiful, it is necessary to be trained. For work you will need 2 napkins of different colors. Be sure to learn how to make these combined napkins. To fold them, you do not need a ring, they stand alone.
See the video “Folding the napkin.” How to “table setting”

3. This napkin is the heart. Amazing and spectacular origami for a romantic dinner. The heart is made of a bright red napkin. Cords are simple, origami for beginners. The heart takes up the whole plate. This is an excellent option for table layout for Valentine’s Day. The heart is bulky, convex, like a real valentine. Fold the napkin with my heart.
Watch the video “How to fold a Napkin Heart? Origami Folding Napkins for a romantic Dinner.” Valentines Day 2017 ”

4. This napkin is easy to make. This is origami for beginners. And this napkin does not need a holder or a ring. It is held on the plate by folding the layers one after another. A few simple creases and turns a napkin lily. Origami 3d, it looks spectacular. Lily on the plate perfectly decorates the table. Such an element of serving is suitable for celebrations and celebrations.
See the origami video “How to fold a Napkin Flower (Lily)? Folding Napkins easy”

5. Look at this fascinating video. It was made before the New Year and Christmas. I decided to show what kind of folding napkins can be used for winter holidays. This napkin symbolizes a Christmas flower. Napkins are easy to fold. Be sure to learn this origami.
Watch the video “How to make a Napkin Christmas Flower” Napkin folded Flower ”

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