This origami video I will show you how to make / fold paper fantastic, cool origami shark designed by Fernando Gilgado

Diagram and origami instructions for this model can be found in the book – Fantasias de Papel

how to make paper best origami shark scheme by Fernando Gilgado
como fazer papel melhor esquema de origami tubarão por Fernando Gilgado
à fabriquer du papier origami régime de requin par Fernando Gilgado
wie Papier Origami-Hai-Schema von Fernando Gilgado machen
como fazer regime de tubarão origami papel por Fernando Gilgado
cómo hacer esquema tiburón origami de papel de Fernando Gilgado
come rendere schema squalo di carta origami da Fernando Gilgado
как сделать из бумаги оригами акула по схеме by Fernando Gilgado
방법 페르난도 Gilgado에 의해 종이 종이 접기 상어 체계를 만들려면

Video Tutorial filmed with the permission of Fernando Gilgado

Размеры листа – 30*30 см
Sheet size – 30*30 cm

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  1. 손재주 정말 좋으세요!오늘도 열심히 구독해서 접고 있답니다….

  2. caraça eu me imbolei em tudo mas eu fiz

  3. 내가못접는거야???!???!!!

  4. come sei bravo a fare gli squali 😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄

  5. My cousin tried it amd at the emd it looked like he mutated mine or pumped it full of steriods

  6. this is is the type of videos i dig 😉 Maybe cos i make them…

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