Learn how to make easy Origami Bed for kids. This is an Origami tutorial for beginners that even kids can make.

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The Origami Craft that I bring today is especially designed for my little craft buddies! Yes! I will show you step by step how to make an Origami Doll House Bed with Bedding. Now little kids can enjoy playing their doll house games with this easy Origami Doll House Bed with Bedding. There are may kid’s craft ideas but this is an easy paper craft and idea for girls, and they can have super fun with it!

A charming little Origami Bed makes for a fun art and craft idea for kids. There are a number of options of easy craft ideas that you can make using Origami art and Origami paper folding techniques, but making this comfy, cosy and cute bed has its own charm. You can also use this Origami Bed as a quick DIY project idea or DIY projects for kids too!

The beautiful miniature bed sheet and pillow make it look so real and so cute. Little girls can have an enjoyable time while playing with this easy origami Craft idea of an Origami Bed. What are you waiting for? Get started on making the Origami Bed.

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  1. can you make it slower

  2. wow so beautiful I impress to see this talent this hobby I hope you make many art like this bye bye

  3. I totally love this origami bed! Its so amazing!Thanks for helping me to make a origami bed! 😀

  4. i cant understand pillow

  5. I like the bed but can you please slow the video a bit down its kinda hard to see wat to do

  6. Omg it's so cute but I suck at origami so.. XD. (I can't even make a paper air plane that how sad it is)

  7. it is very easy and so beautiful I like it

  8. It's too fast. I can't follow you…

  9. You go si fast i cant do it think in the people , they cant see !!!!!

  10. Very fast..cant follow you

  11. Yeah it's not easy at all

  12. Nice but it goes very fast other vise it is fabulous its the beauty of origami

  13. Nice I also prepared it it's wonderful!!! 👏👍👌

  14. This is too fast.
    I can barely keep up

  15. superb duperb fantastic awesome

  16. Im sorry but even on play back its to fast if you could slow down that would be great

  17. Thanks this is a good method.


  19. Esto no sirve ni una vosta

  20. Keep going! Dont stop! Your videos are really cool!

  21. All you people complaining about it being too fast, You literally can click the settings button and slow it down!!

  22. Please Subscribe to our channel – https://goo.gl/6Hk69v 😇 Thanks! – Team StylEnrich 🙂👍

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