3d origami swan latest || 3d origami swan in new style

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  1. not good instructions. Way too fast and not saying how many pieces per row.

  2. which type of paper u have used to make that swan

  3. bakvass h bilkul itni fast banate ho pagalo kuch samajh Nani aata

  4. Muje apko video bhut pasnd ayi Sachi thanks

  5. Me b shikhna chati Hun ye sb jyada Muskil h Kya

  6. tbh Hetal I really like your videos…. you're unique

  7. mam aapne flower kaise banaya hai

  8. Hard paper or soft paper need please say

  9. Hard paper or soft paper need please say

  10. meka hadana hati therum ganna ba

  11. Admirable 😍😍😍😍😍 amazing I'll try it very soon 😊😘😘😘😋

  12. Nice it is innovative and I did this for my home work my friends where appropriated me by seeing mine TQ for this channel to keep this type of art TQ very much 😇

  13. Nen chesanu edhi. Chala baga ochindhi

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