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  1. please do a totorial for a dolphin!

  2. Tiene usted unos tutoriales fabulosos. Enhorabueno

  3. If you were to sell this snake, how much would you sell it for?

  4. ar tu esi lietuvis? jai taip po kiek parduodi detales?

  5. +Girnelis are you using 1/16 or 1/32

  6. my one is not standing firmly what to do ? please help.

  7. mostra di origami a ROCCAPALUMBA per la Sagra del Ficodindia. 17-18-19 OTTOBRE. vieni e vedrete l'origami più grande al mondo!

  8. Hey +Girnelis my snake is unable to stand. How can I do it ?

  9. مدركنيسرًمنط. اتخحكايلنمماطلتهنطلمحة

  10. Hay qua chuan khong can ching luon

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