Instructions for an origami TARDIS, from the british sci-fi tv show Doctor Who. Model based on crease pattern found on reddit:

Final model shown folded by me, Alejandro Vesga. The TARDIS design and concept are copyright BBC.



  1. Wow! I followed along and made my own! It was great!

  2. can anyone tell me what size paper to use?

  3. You move too much and don't show it good

  4. I love origami and Doctor Who! Thanks so much for making this. If you want to see my finished model, go to –

  5. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that this one guy I know on Flickr posted some diagrams for a dalek origami that is awesome! Here is the link  –  also if you look at my flickr page you can see the finished model that I folded of the Dalek.

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